Friday, 9 January 2009

OK, I give up

I've explained my motivations, I've provided evidence to support my explanations and yet to some, I am still some sort of homicidal lunatic. There's no telling someone who has their fingers in their ears, no convincing someone who has made up their mind.

The fact that Old Holborn used to have a link on his own blog to the exact same place that he now uses to assert that I'm trying to kill him and murder his family has entirely passed the world by.

The fact that every point I've raised about who put up stuff about his identity and who posted up photos of his kids has been met with mindless hostility but no reason or coherence has worn me out. So I'm going to give up trying.

Feel free to continue slagging me off in the comments.

If you need any incentive to do so, let me hasten to point out that Old Holborn has already publicly reneged on his statement that he would be deleting his blog, before the five days was even up. If you were genuinely worried that your blog might be getting you into shit, wouldn't the obvious thing be to delete it, quickly and quietly? Maybe go round the internet trying to remove as many provocative or dangerous comments as possible? Despite the ostensible reason for the deletion of his blog (to protect his family) he is OK to leave it completely intact, with all the stuff that Mossad was going to use as justification for rubbing him out, and his family are now somehow not at risk because he's handed the blog over to someone else. None of it is stopping him from posting all over the blogosphere, despite describing himself and his family as targets.

I choose to ascribe this to his incredible ego, which would not allow him to let the "16th most influential blog in the blogosphere" (as he keeps on fucking telling us everywhere) to die.

Instead, he gets to keep a blog, with his name on it, with a better writer, without any effort. If it goes well, he has the ego-stroke of seeing his name at the top of the blogosphere with a minimum of effort, if it goes badly, he has the ego-stroke of saying "I handed this guy a fortune on a plate and he blew it without my masterful hand to guide him." It's hardly a lose-lose situation for any overwrought drama queen.

I have a fiver here that says that Old Holborn will be back on his blog, doing "guest posts" before the end of the year, especially if the blog does well.

I also have a fiver that says that there will be another dramatic blowout, either in the blogosphere or at one of the many fora Old Holborn frequents, or wherever he is abandoning the blogosphere for, before the end of the year.

The one thing you might choose to reflect on, before you get out your wallet, is that I've been in this movie for four years now.

I just wonder if the abuse I've received and will doubtlessly continue to receive will be matched by equally fulsome apologies when I'm proven correct. I shan't hold my breath.

I'm fairly certain, based on extensive personal experience, that I won't be getting one from Old Holborn.


Anonymous said...

I was sceptical at first, Obo. However having read two of the fora you refer to, I'm starting to see the fire at the bottom of the smoke.


JuliaM said...

"There's no telling someone who has their fingers in their ears, no convincing someone who has made up their mind. "

Which is why you shouldn't even try. They don't come for honest debate, just to s**t on your doorstep.

Most of them are anonymongs. And you have to pity people who can't even muster the balls to take a FAKE name!

"I just wonder if the abuse I've received and will doubtlessly continue to receive will be matched by equally fulsome apologies when I'm proven correct. I shan't hold my breath."

Of course not. You aren't dealing with honest people, here.

But I'm very, very glad you are continuing to blog.

OH's blog was amusing and informative (occasionally).

Yours is amusing and informative (always).

Pogo said...

One fears that the continuing stream of vilification from the "anonymong" tendency simply reinforces my depression at the astonishing lack of reading comprehension displayed by a large proportion of the populace...

So don't let it piss you off too much.

Now get back to blogging you idle cunt.


Harrithebastard said...

OBO , if it makes you feel any better ( which i very much doubt ) i thought i was a fucking lunatic and did not give a flying fuck !

But you sir , are my mentor !

While there are people as mad and as bad as you ... there will always be hope .

Arsey's Ghost said...

How does this work?

You've gone from "He's a cunt, look here everyone, I'm innocent" at 17:59 to "I admire him, look at what he achieved in less than a year" at 18:39

40 minutes between the two posts.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Arsey, you old motherfucker ... have you come back to haunt us? :o)

It's just an observation, not an encomium. ;o)

John Pickworth said...

I had been rehearsing a comment in my head this evening Obo... but you know what? JuliaM nails it perfectly.

Frankly, the proof is there for ALL to see and neither you nor the 'stroppy one' needs to say more. If people can't be bothered to go and find out the TRUTH for themselves then there's little point trying to reason with them.

I have little sympathy for OH and have made my feelings widely known. Its not that I hate the guy, I do admire the undeniable achievements with his former Blog, but he has so bitterly disappointed me (and many others) on a very personal level. Honestly, none of this was necessary.

I just hope now that LegIron hasn't been passed a poisoned chalice, he's a gifted writer and I'd hate to see another great blogger distracted from the job in hand.

I guess time will tell?

Aintthatthetruth said...

Good to see you back Obo!

Go for it man.

Don't let the drama queens wear you down, eh?

wish i had a ferrari said...

I must say Obo, having today read the thread on grumpy old bollocks, or whatever it was called (someone kindly left a link to it on Old Arsyaches blog ) you have certainly got better looking! ;-)

Trixy's Secret Lover said...

Likewise. I have read those threads going back to 2005. Fair play if you disagree about Israel getting fucked by Hamas rockets, but to have a small personal nuclear explosion over the subject is a small strip of land by the Med too far.

OH has history. Big time.

I'm with Obo. OH is a Zionist conspiracy nutjob and something of an attention seeker. 'Look at my Wikio stats!!!' Yeah right...

Tim said...